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       Frequently Asked Questions             
  • Can you tell me how much it is going to cost?

    Yes, we can give you an estimate. However, external "symptoms" may look very different when we disassemble your transmission. We just can't tell exactly what is wrong until we get a look inside. That's when we can tell you the exact cost for parts and labor.

  • Why is transmission repair so expensive?

    Today's vehicles are more compact with mechanical systems that are tightly arranged. Disassembly is more complex. The transmission itself can have over 1,000 parts and parts can be high priced when compared to older models. Front wheel drive and computerized systems may further complicate the requirements. We keep costs as low as we can, and we'll advise you of the best source of action. Click Here to view the inside of a transmission.

  • My car won't run. Can you help me?

    Yes. In Pinellas County, we may be able to tow your car (or other vehicle) at no cost. Call us for details. Telephone: 727-391-7750

  • Do you have to keep my car for very long?
    Not ordinarily. The usual job is completed in one day.
  • My fingers are crossed. What else can I do to prevent transmission problems?
  • Preventive maintenance is the best step to take to avoid costly repairs. To be ahead of the curve, we recommend that you have your transmission serviced at least every 12,000 miles. Any malfunction can be best handled early and the proper maintenance of your transmission will insure that you get the best performance possible.

Report any problem with your transmission or question emailing: Snyder's Transmission

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